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Training Courses

  • Moat Academy
  • Moat Academy ( is a coding bootcamp in Lagos, Nigeria birthed to bridge the gap between the academics and the software industry and to raise professio[...]
  • Training Date: 18/Apr/2017
  • Business Negotiation
  • Business Negotiation Course Outline: 1 - Getting Started Icebreaker Housekeeping Items The Parking Lot Workshop Objectives 2 - Understanding Nego[...]
  • Scrum
  • ScrumFREE

    SCRUM Course Outline: 1 - SCRUM Overview Introduction What is SCRUM SCRUM Roles SCRUM Process SCRUM Terminology 2 - The Fundamentals of SCRUM[...]
  • Training Date: 29/Mar/2017
  • Sales Training
  • SALES TRAINING Sales Training Course - Lesson 2  Defining the Sales Process  Types of Sales Common Sales Approaches Glossary of Common Sales Terms [...]
  • Project Management for Everyone
  • Project Management for Everyone   Get Your Project off the Ground Plan a Bulletproof Project Lead Your Project Like a Pro Complete Your Project On-time an[...]
  • Training Date: 29/Mar/2017
  • Project Management Training
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRAINING     Course Outline: 1 - Getting Started with Project Management Identify the Characteristics of a Project Identify the P[...]
  • Business Strategy Training
  • BUSINESS STRATEGY TRAINING  Business strategy and industry analysis The hierarchy of strategies The structure of business strategy Analysis of industries C[...]
  • Web Application Development training
  • Course Title: Web Application Development Training Details: In this course, you will learn how to create dynamic and interactive websites using PHP and how to manag[...]
  • Career Advancement Programme
  • Course Title: Career Advancement Programm Looking for something to give you an edge while searching or on the job, then we have what you need. We offer diverse selecti[...]
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  • Diploma in Online Marketing
  • Course Description: This course is aimed at those who wish to advance their career in digital marketing, or indeed start a new one, by out pacing the competition and g[...]
  • Customer Care Supervisor Training
  • Listed below are several benefits that accrue to an organization when employees are trained in customer service skills: Employees who are properly trained and demonstr[...]