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  • Fee N30,000.00
  • Mode offline
  • Duration
  • Specialization Health & Safety
  • Location Lagos
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HSE Level 1,2 & 3 Training

HSE Level 1,2 & 3 Training

Crescendo Gateway Limited is an accredited training and examination center for WSO

Exam success guarantee

    Training manual and video

    Risk assessment practical

    Fee cover Exam certificate and training (practical)

    International membership from WSO.

HSE level 1,2&3 Course Overview

HSE LEVEL 1 (World Safety Organization)

This is designed to create the awareness of key health and safety issues found in the workplace as well as the role you will play in ensuring yours as well as other’s safety. It is the introductory and foundational level for other advanced modules of safety.

HSE LEVEL 2 (World Safety Organization)

This covers the entire framework for health and safety, looking at environmental, occupational and human factors that affect health and safety of people in the workplace, hence ensuring people do not constitute themselves into potential hazards released.

HSE LEVEL 3 (World Safety Organization)

This course emphasizes on the importance of monitoring staff and controls. This is achieved by creating safety policies as well as procedures required to fellow these policies. The program offers the skills and knowledge required to start a career in the field of health and safety.

At the end of the course is an assessment which on completion a certificate is awarded by the world safety organization (WSO).

Generally, the HSE Level 1,2,&3 (world safety organization) is an internationally recognized qualification and provides an excellent basic grounding in the essentials of health & safety for personnel accountable for these responsibilities in their organization. This course has been developed to serve all business sectors working in accordance with international standards or directives but adapting to local needs.


What will I gain from this qualification?

Recognition: The certificate is a US Certificate that is recognized globally this certificate can help you meet business I employment requirements.

Career development: HSE Certificate holders can start a new career in safety irrespective of your background. There is no perquisites to obtaining the certification.

Knowledge: whether health and safety is your main responsibility, or just a part of what you do, the HSE Level 1,2,& 3 (WSO) certificates will give you vital knowledge to help you perform better in your role at work.

Achievement – The world safety organization  

HSE Level 1,2,&3 is a mark of excellence in the field of health and safety. It is a qualification that people from all part of the world are proud to have achieved.

Enjoyment- you will enjoy taking the world safety organization HSE Level 1,2,&3, because you will discover skill and techniques that are useful and practical, hot just theoretical.


What will my employer gain from this qualification?

Return on investment – An employee with a practical set of skills that brings real value to the modern global workplace.

A safer workplace – Health and safety is important. It protects people from injury and loss of life.

People with WSO HSE Level 1, 2 & 3 know how to help their employer avoid prosecution, litigation, absence costs and loss of reputation, wherever they operate.


What does the course cover?

This course covers wide range of workplace hazards and methods of control it includes practical workplace assessment to help you apply your learning at work and add value to your employers.


How is the course assessed?

Candidates are assessed with written examination which is done on the last day of the training. Upon successful completion and passing the exam you get awarded the certificate from world safety organization.


Who should do this course?

The HSE Level 1, 2 & 3 course is best suited for:

  • Working professionals who want to start a career in health & safety
  • Under graduates and fresh graduates seeking to upgrade profile
  • Safety effrears who need professional qualification to back up their experience
  • Business owners that intend on offering HSE services and products
  • Organizations who want to meet regulatory or procurement requirements

Lagos Venue: 12 Osho Street Opebi -Oregun link road Opebi Ikeja Lagos

Date: 17th - 18th & 24th - 25th March 2018

Time: 9am-5pm

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