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  • Fee N20,000.00
  • Mode offline
  • Duration
  • Specialization Management
  • Location Lagos
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Project Management For Everyone

Project Management for Everyone


  • Get Your Project off the Ground
  • Plan a Bulletproof Project
  • Lead Your Project Like a Pro
  • Complete Your Project On-time and On-budget
  • Managing Projects with No Direct Authority
  • Ensuring Management Buy-in on a Project
  • Managing Conflict in Project Teams
  • Managing Scope on a Project
  • Weighing the Costs of Project Change
  • Managing Vendor Relationships
  • Anticipating and Solving Problems as a Project Champion
  • Addressing Stakeholder Conflicts
  • Portfolios, Programs, and Projects: What's the Difference?
  • Controlling Project Cost
  • Project Management Essentials


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