Course Details

  • Fee N80,000.00
  • Mode offline
  • Duration 3
  • Specialization Management
  • Location Lagos
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Digital Marketing Training

Business Strategy Training


  • Business strategy and industry analysis
  • The hierarchy of strategies
  • The structure of business strategy
  • Analysis of industries
  • Competition and competitors
  • Introducing the case study
  • Markets, customers and market driven strategies
  • The analysis of markets, customers and generic market strategies
  • Integrative case study: identifying opportunities and threats
  • Resources, competencies and competitive advantage
  • The analysis of financial resources, people and operations
  • Knowledge and innovation
  • Competencies
  • Adding value and competitive advantage
  • Integrative case study: identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Finding the way forward
  • Developing strategic options and allocating resources
  • Evaluation and performance management


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Digital Marketing Training