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Factory Manager at Fadac Resources

Job Description:

Job Summary

  • The Factory Manager is responsible for the daily management and coordination of plant operations including production, pre-production, operations, and logistics.
  • This is a hands-on position that is responsible for the development of policies and procedures designed to increase productivity, assure quality, and mitigate label production problems.
  • To this end, the Factory Manager will improve throughput and other in-house processes with the objective of reducing overall costs and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • The factory Manager will provide direction to subordinate managers, offering professional expertise and monitoring performance to ensure that departmental and individual objectives are achieved within scheduled timelines and budgets.
  • He or she will also be tasked with establishing and maintaining a safe, legally compliant workplace, and enforcing compliance with all corporate policies and procedures. Other duties will be assigned as necessary.

 Core Competencies

• Critical Thinking

• Problem Solving

• Customer Focus

• Communication

• Team Work

• Time Management

• Adaptability / Flexibility

• Creative and Innovative Thinking

• Decision Making and Judgement

• Planning and Organizing

• Results Focus

• Accountability and Dependability

• Mediating and Negotiating

• Leadership

• Coaching and Mentoring

• Staff Management

• Enforcing Laws, Rules and Regulations

Job Duties

• Manage and supervise staff, preparing work schedules and assigning specific duties.

• Oversee and direct the activities of subordinate managers and non-management staff.

• Determine staffing requirements and oversee the interview, hiring and training of new employees with the assistance of the corporate human resources department.

• Ensure that all staff receives appropriate training on job duties, corporate policies and applicable regulations.

• Ensure compliance with company policy, procedures and applicable regulations.

• Provide coaching and mentoring and conduct evaluations of all subordinate managers within the department.

• Review financial statements, sales and activity reports, and other performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement and to determine areas needing cost reduction and program improvement.

• Establish and implement departmental policies, goals, objectives and procedures, conferring with the

executive members, management team and staff as necessary.

• Understand, implement and enforce the safety program.

• Monitor third party business and suppliers to ensure that they are efficiently and effectively providing the needed services and supplies while staying within budgetary limits.

• Oversee activities directly related to the manufacture and supply of labels.

• Monitor departmental performance against goals to ensure that progress is being made, and that corrective action is taken if necessary.

• Manage the movement of finished labels and materials in and out of the facility.

• Protect the organization's value by keeping information confidential.

• Always maintain professionalism, tact, diplomacy, and sensitivity to portray the company in a positive


• Develop and implement new business strategies for creating or improving processes and procedures to improve performance.

• Manage efficient use of company materials.

• Ensure efficient management of quality and cost control.

• Plan and organize meetings and special events as directed.

• Maintain a sustainable relationship with other departmental managers.

• Coordinate repair and maintenance work in the plant.

• Ensure that emergency as well as health and safety equipment is tested and replenished on a regular basis.

• Meet regularly with department heads/business unit leaders; facilitate resolution of issues/problems between business units and/or departments.

• Perform other duties as necessary.

Job Requirements

• 3+ years of Electronics industry experience.

• Proven record for performance with set goals.

• Excellent oral, written & listening skills.

• Judgment and decision making skills with ability to consider the relative costs and benefits of potential

actions and choose the appropriate path.

• Ability to identify measures of performance and actions needed to improve or correct performance.

• Ability to delegate, set expectations and monitor progress of all direct reports.

• Motivate, inspire, provide and accept feedback to and from employees.

• Possess prioritization skills necessary to use time effectively and set action plans to achieve business


• Strong organizational and time management skills

• Ability to manage multiple projects and stay on schedule in a fast-paced environment

• Strong organizational and time management skills.

• Able to manage multiple priorities.

Qualification: hnd,bachelors-degree

Mode of Application:

Interested applicants should forward your CV to

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