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Electrical Technician at Aquarian Consult Limited

Job Summary:

Under general direction, to perform skilled electrical maintenance work in the repair, installation, and alteration of electrical equipment and wiring systems.  This may involve other skilled maintenance activities on occasion.

  • Essential Functions / Tasks:
  • Repair, maintain and install electrical systems and equipment, such as motors, motor controls, panel boards, circuit breakers, transformers, conduit, lighting systems, switches, and alarm systems.
  • Locate and determine electrical malfunction, using test instruments, such ammeter, oscilloscope, volt-ohm meters, circuit tracers, power monitors, test lamp and other electrical testers.
  • Repair malfunctions in electrical equipment by such methods as replacing burnt out elements and fuses, resetting or replacing circuit breakers, replacing defective wiring, filing switch contact points, and cleaning, rebuilding or replacing motors, using power and hand tools.
  • Test electrical equipment, such as air handlers, lift motors, lights, heaters, motor control systems, and ovens for safety and efficiency, using standard test equipment and by observing functioning.
  • Install fixtures, motors, and other electrical equipment.
  • Make equipment adjustments using power and hand tools.
  • Inspect circuits and wiring for specified shielding and grounding and repair or rewire system according to building codes and safety regulations.
  • Maintain inventory of supplies and equipment necessary.
  • Prepare reports and maintain records.
  • Provide direction to maintenance assistants.
  • Coordinate work assignments with other skilled workers and contractors for facilitation of completion of projects.
  • May replace bearings in electrical motors and other related equipment.
  • May plan layout and wire new installations.

Non-Essential Functions / Tasks:

·        Perform other duties related to the position.


·        Read, write and communicate in the English language. 

·        Three years of varied experience in the electrician trade at the journey level, or any combination of training and experience that could provide the desired knowledge and abilities.

To apply, send CV and covering letter to CV@AQUARIANCONSULT.COM

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