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State Coordinator at Mexo Global Concepts


Candidates must have:  

1. A Shop / Office outlet (Applicants may negotiate to attach with a friend that owns an outlet) 2. A Computer / Laptop 3. A Printer (Coloured Preferred)  4. A photocopier (optional)  5. A scanner (optional)


1. To promote the company product and businesses as may be presented from time to time

2. To recruit and select consultants / zonal coordinators within the locality for the state


1. Enroll Consultants within town to pilot NEB Club / MGC business operations.

2. Enroll zonal / local coordinators in local governments within the state to pilot NEB Club / MGC business operations.

3. Organize / Coordinate advocacies and trainings for MGC and NEB Club.

4. Coordinate NEB Club membership Enrollment brought in by consultants for MGC  

5. Manage NEB Club activities for MGC. 6. Manage MGC activities.

7. Manage Consultants activities for MGC

8. Prepare correspondence and other MGC documents for NEB Club programs for the consultants

9. Pay consultants their commission for every paid activities coming through them.

10. Remits club’s percentage for new membership to the club

11. Take records of profitable activities and profits from the NEB Club to MGC.  

12. To submit timely sales/ field report to the company

13. Using quantitative and qualitative data to understand customer behaviors and applying those insights to drive new business

14. Maintaining an effective and efficient organizational design that allows us to scale

15. Provide effective leadership guidance in consulting and channel strategy.

16. Develop Product programmes to suit the needs of different segments.

17. Overall P&L overview, whilst ensuring that the budget objectives are attained.

18. Achieve overall profitability target.

19. Ensure timely and successful development and implementation of the company’s product.

CONSULTANT ROLES:  1. Source for new members to join the NEB Club (Business persons/Politicians/Government officers/etc.) 2. Consult for and carry out Trainings programs for MGC 3. Run advocacies and awareness of NEB Club for MGC.

OPPORTUNITIES Your opportunities as a state coordinator include:

i) Working on any profitable project given to Mexo Global Concepts (both local and foreign project)

ii) Enjoy Training and development opportunity especially in IT, Marketing and Consulting

iii) Earn attractive commission on realistic and achievable targets given to you

iv) Business link and travel opportunities

v) Access to multiple streams of income

vi) Gain recognition through government interrelations.

vii) Be an Active member of the National Entrepreneurship Business Club

viii) Occupy an office in the club  

ix) And so much more


Commission plan (Very Attractive)
Signing up new client attracts = 20%
Reimbursement for expenses incurred = 10%
 Monthly Compulsory take-home/lcation Letter 2. Curriculum Vitae 3. Photograph of Outlets (inside and front view)

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