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Quality Assurance Manager at John Haris Construction Company

Job Description

The quality assurance manager should be able to:

·        Create guidelines for measuring quality control.

·        Oversee the analysis and inspection of products and services of the organisation.

·        Recall any low-quality items.

·        Recalls any malfunctioning or substandard equipment.

·        Delegates tasks to quality control assessment team.

·        Ensures that all safety procedures are followed during production.

Duties and Responsibilities

·        Assists in recruiting and hiring company employees.

 ·        Trains new employees.

·        Uses consistent training tactics to ensure all employees are working towards the same production goals.

·        Monitors employee progress and conducts performance reviews.

·        Assists in disciplining or terminating employees who do not work to company standards.

·        Consults with company managers to determine production goals.

·        Oversees daily work procedures to ensure that all processes are in compliance with company codes and legal standards.

·        Meets with legal team to address any recalls or hazardous equipment that may threaten the company standard.

·        Writes up reports detailing process of quality control and results of product inspection.

·        Devise ways to improve the standard of the organization efficiently.

 Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

        Manages time efficiently.

·        Is familiar with basic word processing software and range of Microsoft Suite programs.

·        Demonstrates strong organizational skills.

·        Exhibits broad knowledge of company’s mission and production goals.

·        Demonstrates ability to think creatively.

·        Possesses strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

·        Communicates clearly and effectively.


Qualified candidates with the above requirement should forward their CVs to

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