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Entrepreneurship Center Director at Andela Nigeria

About the Entrepreneurship Center Director Role

The Entrepreneurship Center Director is equal parts strategist, program designer, operator, network builder, and relationship builder.

You will manage the operations and growth of Andela’s Entrepreneurship Track and the Andela Accelerator, while constantly supporting our Developers themselves in their entrepreneurial learning and growth.

As the Entrepreneurship Center Director, you have your finger on the pulse of every resource, opportunity, and mentor available to Andela’s Entrepreneurs.  

You will constantly grow and nurture Andela’s network of resources, individuals, events, & opportunities available to entrepreneurs.

You will measure, track, and manage the growth of a new program within a fast-growing startup environment.

To be truly successful in this role, you would need to hold the deep belief that anything is possible with our powers combined -- and be passionate about making sure the right combination of resources and human capital are always exposed to one another.


Key Responsibilities of the Role:

  • Program Management
      • Set up and manage the programs roadmap that enables learners deliberately practice entrepreneurship from ideation to MVP
      • Create consistent documentation and data-capture to measure, track, and iterate on the programs
      • Proactively remain up to date with every Andela Entrepreneur to quickly identify where they are struggling, and connect them with the right resources to support them
      • Distribute consistent updates to key internal and external stakeholders
      • Hire and manage program management team
  • Content Management
      • Build library of canonical content (e.g, books, videos and presentations) for Andela Entrepreneurs
      • Collaborate with Curriculum team to build curriculum support for entrepreneurs
  • Relationship Management
      • Manage, maintain, and grow the network of resources (expert advisory board, Entrepreneurs in residence, human capital, monetary capital, events, Andela experts & resources) available to Andela Entrepreneurs
      • Build relationships with other investors, accelerators, and companies in the community
      • Manage event planning and logistics for Andela-hosted and externally-hosted events
  • Andela Accelerator
    • Set up Andela Accelerator
    • Design Andela Accelerator programs and support systems
    • Organize and run demo days
    • Establish measures of success for cohort companies

Key Attributes & Qualifications

You’re already looking like an Entrepreneurship Center Director if you:

  • Have a passion for and at least some experience in the world of entrepreneurship:
    • Investing
    • Founding or co-founding a company
    • Working to support initial growth in an early stage startup
    • Advising entrepreneurs or startups
    • Employed by an accelerator or incubator
  • Quickly build relationships, and continually strengthen them over time through consistency and  trust
  • Are able to be highly structured yet flexible in a constantly changing environment
  • Are relentlessly optimistic and inspire those around you to believe in success even when things get tough
  • Are adept at quickly identifying resource gaps and directing people to the right sources
  • Are able to motivate others through your clarity, unflappable optimism, and pragmatic passion
  • Are a natural communicator and networker who backs up their work with precision and structure (tracking resources, ensuring resources are growing, carefully maintaining relationships & commitments)
  • Have an established network in Lagos/Nigerian tech scene (preferred but not required)

Belief that through our powers combined we can create anything.

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