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Chief Marketing Officer at Tankspy Data Service Limited

Job Summary

Responsible for overseeing marketing initiatives within an organization. Works to develop areas such as sales management, product development, distribution channel management, marketing communications, including advertising and promotions, pricing, market research, and customer service.

Primary responsibilities

Ø  Facilitate growth, sales, and marketing strategies at an organization.

Ø  Increase revenue generation.

Ø  Reduce costs.

Ø  Perform risk mitigation.

Ø  Prepare overall marketing strategy.

Ø  Develop programs with quantifiable objectives to measure results.

Ø  Implement and manage marketing budget.

Ø  Leverage data and analytics to drive insights.

Ø  Modify or redirect business intelligence strategy.

Ø  Oversee and direct the efforts of the marketing team.

Ø  Develop segmentation, competitive analysis/market intelligence, prospecting, lead generation, product and market development, pricing, promotions, communications and budgets, sales force effectiveness, strategic planning, services units and revenue retention and growth.

Ø  Oversee the development of new products.

Ø  Create product roadmap.

Ø  Develop and measure key metrics around the business including user acquisition, conversion rates, engagement rates, satisfaction and renewal rates.


Job Requirements

1. Candidate must be either a first class material or second class upper division from Ivy league universities abroad or any top notch Nigerian university

2. Candidate must have a minimum five years impeccable career in the ICT industry

3. Candidate must possss an MBA. Other professional certifications will be an added advantage.

4. Candidate must possess leadership qualities, passionate, committed and project driven with vision and foresight

5. Candidate must be ready to commit to a minimum of five years of service to the company

6. Age: 25 - 35


Very attractive with the juicy offer of equity stakes in the business.

Mode of Application

Send your resume to:

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