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Lextorah Limited at Music Teacher

The Music Teacher under supervision of the Head school is responsible for teaching for teaching music to pupils and assists the staff of the school in the improvement and appreciation of music instruction. Helps pupils grow in their enjoyment, appreciation, and performance of music through a variety of planned music experience which include singing, moving to music, playing of instruments and listening and performs other duties directly related to this job description.



  • Condu ct class/subject teaching activity in line with approved teaching scheme, plans and policies
  • Monitor learning by students and provide feedback on the appropriateness and completeness of teaching scheme and plans
  • Identify pupils with special learning needs and liaise with Remedial teacher to develop appropriate remedial responses
  • Maintain discipline in classes, apply approved sanctions for misdemeanors only and escalate all major issues promptly to the Sectional or Deputy Head
  • Provide overall pastoral care and oversee development of individual students.
  • Grade students’ tests and examinations
  • Monitor and report on an ongoing basis individual student progress and accomplishments.
  • Establish and maintain contact with parents/guardians as necessary to provide feedback on performance and ensure responsiveness to individual students needs.
  • Contribute to maintaining good teaming and collaborative environment in Corona Schools.
  • Teaches skills in music understanding
  • Plans/executes a balanced music program and organizes class time so that preparation, rehearsal and instruction can be accomplished within allotted time
  • Maintains care/responsibility for school-owned music, musical instruments and equipment to prevent loss or abuse. Maker minor adjustments and requests repairs to instruments as required.
  • Evaluates each pupil’s musical growth, performance, and musical understanding. Assesses each individual’s contribution to the performance of the group.
  • Communicates with parents and school staff on individual student’s progress.


  • B.A or B.Ed ( Music) or PGDE Music Education
  • MUSON Certified
  • In addition to musical instrument proficiency, a strong background in music theory and musicianship and basic skills, music teachers must also have the ability to work well with, and relate to, children of all ages.
  • You must be able to convey your enthusiasm and excitement for music to your students to help instill them with a desire to learn.
  • In order to be a successful music teacher, you should also continue your own musical development and participate in musical ensembles during your free time, continuously teach yourself new techniques and develop new teaching methods to help improve and refine your skills on a continuous basis.
  • Skills Needed
  • While sharing the gift of music can be rewarding and fulfilling, teaching music is not just about music.
  • You'll need to have effective classroom management skills and know how to assess and grade your students' progress.
  • You may need to participate in extracurricular activities or work after school hours to assist students who need extra help. Sometimes, you may have to deal with children who have behavioral disorders or developmental or learning disabilities.
  • This requires patience, dedication and a positive attitude, in addition to knowing effective strategies for integrating these students into your classroom.

Working hours

The Music teacher will work full time.

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