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Content Writer at Interior Office

Job description

In this role, it’ll be your job to help coordinate the content for the various magazines, books and events yearly, from screening images of featured projects to proofreading text, organizing pagination to project managing events.

You’ll be expected to:

  • Help support both internal and external teams collating content
  • Help establish a workflow for the team collating content
  • Help plan which content gets laid out where throughout the whole publication.
  • Check all images, making sure they’re spot on for the projects
  • Check all credits submitted for the projects, making sure they’re accurate
  • Crosscheck information for consistency
  • Feedback to the internal content collection team when more information or other images are needed for a project
  • Liaise with other in-house teams (e.g. design team, digital team) as well as external contacts (e.g. contributors, branding, marketing and advertising agencies)
  • Proofread text on laid out pages
  • Support senior editorial personnel (deputy editor’s) in all activities leading to publication, including project management

You should have:

  • Experience through education or work experience, or a genuine interest in, the creative industries: advertising, PR, design, marketing, film production. For example you must be familiar with the different job roles within the advertising, design, or film industry.
  •  The ability to handle multiple projects and prioritise effectively

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