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Data Services Support Engineer at MTN Nigeria

Job Description

  • To manage the implementation and support of MTNN network integration of Customer Edge/Core devices in the ADSL, WiFi, WiMAX, GPRS and Enterprise Data Network.
  • Extract value from what we already have by focusing on optimizing processes within the Unit/Department in line with the value creation philosophy. This includes individual contributions and recommendations to improve existing business project/initiative.
  • Drive Innovation by identifying and taking advantage of new business opportunities, e.g., by stimulating and encouraging new business opportunities, launch of products, product/process innovation, business model innovation etc.
  • Maintain leadership in the ICT/Digital industry by partnering with MTNN’s Partners to improve their processes which in turn will improve the efficiency of MTNN’s operations.
  • Enhance/expand MTN’s role in the larger national macro environment by participating in CSR projects and/or NGO’s, involvement in recognized professional institutions, participating in think-tank activities etc.
  • Sustain the right organisational culture and behaviors by demonstrating the vital behaviours every time.
  • Analyze and provide information on bandwidth usage, user application/experience and critical upgrades on the Mobile/Fixed Data Network.
  • Monitor adherence to processes and procedures to ensure conformance to best practices, thereby identifying opportunities for improvements.
  • Coordinate the implementation of Mobile/Fixed Data Network planning functions to achieve the quality and key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as marketing and sales targets defined by the business
  • Coordinate vendor-related emergency maintenance on Mobile/Fixed Data Network.
  • Oversee constant tracking, monitoring and resolving of faults on the Mobile/Fixed Data Network.
  • Oversee proper implementation of change requests and planned work.
  • Manage network performance, bandwidth usage and configuration, ensuring conformance with set KPIs.
  • Understand the telecommunication industry local trends and developments, thereby assessing the impact on MTN’s current and future business.
  • Monitor performance statistics and generate weekly reports, providing monthly and quarterly progress updates on Mobile/Fixed Data projects.
  • Supervise and ensure deliverables of Network Implementation and Network Operations are met as it relates to Mobile/Fixed Data projects.
  • Supervise and work effectively with Vendor and Network Planning teams to deliver effectively on all internal/external stakeholder projects.
  • Coordinate all Mobile/Fixed Data projects with Vendor Teams
  • Manage and direct the objectives and work schedules of projects for the various Planning Units (IP, VAS, Transmission, Core and Fixed)
  • Manage Mobile/Fixed Data projects in conformance with business plan and headquarters driven strategy 
  • Interface with other departments in NWG Planning (IP, VAS, Transmission, Core and Fixed) and CPG to monitor and supervise every stage of the Mobile/Fixed Data project implementation
  • Provide weekly, monthly and quarterly reports (to the Data Services Manager) on Mobile/Fixed Data projects

Job Condition

  • Normal MTNN working conditions
  • May be required to work extended hours
  • Open Plan Office

Experience & Training

  • Fluent in English
  • First degree in Electrical/ Electronics or Computer Engineering
  • UNIX Certification
  • Cisco/ Juniper certification desired Training
  • Advanced MPBN Training
  • Advanced GGSN/SGSN Training
  • Advanced UNIX Training
  • Mobile/Fixed Data Network Vendor-related Courses (BRAS, SAPC, PCrF, MSP, Radius, AAA)

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