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Nigerian Education Crisis Response Consultant at ICRC

The International Rescue Committee, one of the world’s largest humanitarian agencies, provides relief, rehabilitation and post-conflict reconstruction support to victims of natural disaster, oppression and violent conflict in 42 countries. The IRC is committed to bold leadership, innovation and creative partnerships. Active in public health, education, livelihoods, women's empowerment, youth development, and protection and promotion of rights, IRC assists people from harm to home. IRC entered Nigeria in October 2012 in response to a widespread flood disaster. 

Project Descriptions 

  • Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, the three-year Nigerian Education Crisis Response (ECR) project aims to expand quality and to provide protective and relevant non-formal and alternative education opportunities to more than 78,000 internally displaced children and youth between the ages 6-17. The Initiative is implemented in Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, and Yobe states.
  • ECR addresses the main learning needs of out-of-school children and youth by supporting 727 non-formal learning centers (NFLCs). The project improves instructional practices and develops teaching-learning materials for literacy, math, life skills and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies. To teach these skills, the program recruits, trains and supports Learning Facilitators (LFs) to provide quality instruction to beneficiaries.
  • The program also garners the support of state and local governments and the community. ECR supports the development of community coalitions, and works with local NGOs to increase their capacity to deliver non-formal education and help children mainstream into formal schools.

Job Descriptions
Terms of Reference: 

  • The consultant will be responsible for developing a Wraparound Services Guide and conducting a master training on how to use the tool.

Understanding Wraparound Services: 

  • Wraparound is a process through which the multifaceted needs of children and youth are addressed using a plan for services and supports that requires resources from more than a single school, system or sector. Wraparound, however defined, is based upon the premise that the needs of children and youth with multiple vulnerabilities can best be served when schools, agencies and services participate in both cross-sectoral and cross-agency collaboration.
  • The needs of vulnerable children are often complex and multifaceted and can easily exceed the capacity of any one organization or group. Achieving meaningful change for children, youth and families at the service delivery-level may require integrated, coordinated support from both the organization and system levels.

A Wraparound Intervention Plan: 

  • Should be focused on serving children and youth in their own communities
  • Should be designed by a team consisting of family members, professionals and natural supports.
  • Should enhance community ties by connecting community supports and services to the children, youth and families who need them
  • The consultant will develop a Wraparound Services Guide for use by local government and CSOs to ensure children and youth are able to access necessary support within their communities.

The Wraparound Services Guide Will: 

  • Provide a clearer understanding of what wraparound services are available and outline categories of support
  • Clarify reasonable roles and responsibilities of various actors participating in formal and NFE programs
  • Present a system and processes to establish linkages between schools and services available

The Consultant will be Responsible for Ensuring the Wraparound Services Guide Specifically addresses the Following: 

  • Defines wraparound services in the context of both formal and NFE support programming
  • Clarifies strategies and systems for providing and accessing wraparound support
  • Outlines structures to link students and families to available services by defining what roles and responsibilities rest with NFLCs and LFs
  • Provides recommendations for establishing support systems
  • This guide will increase awareness of wraparound services and provide recommendations for establishing procedures to identify services needed, and systems, protocols and processes to establish or link those with those that need them.
  • Clarifies the functions and responsibilities of state, LGA, and community actors in the provision of wraparound services
  • Finally, the consultant will conduct a two-day joint Training of Trainers for 20 Master Trainers using the guide in an agreed-upon state/location.

Suggested Workplan and Expected Time Frame:
Phase I- Duration: 5 Days

  • Consultant to engage the ECR state wrap around advisors to clarify on strategies and systems for providing and accessing wraparound support
  • Consultant to engage the state wrap around advisors to develop a referral pathway that clearly defines the roles & responsibilities of the different actors (state, LGA, and community actors) participating in formal and NFE programs in their respective states in terms of supporting children.
  • Consultant to engage the state wrap around advisors to map out services offered in their respective states that support NFLCs & LF’s
  • Consultant to come up with practical recommendations for establishing support systems.

Phase 2- Duration: 5 Days: 

  • Prepare a written guide of minimum 30 pages covering at least referral process, protocols and understanding the different roles and responsibilities of the service providers in supporting the NFLC’s , LF’s in the different States topics and recommendations for establishing support systems. The guide must be delivered in a Microsoft Word document with basic formatting.
  • Share the draft with IRC for technical input and approval

Phase III- Duration: 2 days: 

  • Design and deliver a two-day training for the master trainers and Wrap around advisors on use of the guide covering least referral process, protocol’s and understanding the different roles and responsibilities of the service providers in supporting the NFLC’s and LF’s in the different States topics, including the production of the Wrap around service guide.


  • Wraparound Services Guide, minimum 30 pages, developed and submitted to the IRC in line with the above specifications.
  • Two-day joint training of trainers completed in line with the above specifications.
    • Expected Start Date: On/about May 07, 2017
    • Expected Completion Date: On/about May 18, 2017
    • Total working days: 12

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their expression of interest with the cost estimate, including logistics, and resume with the title clearly stated on the email subject line by email: to: cc:
By Mail:
The Country Director, 
International Rescue Committee, 
Plot 902 Olu Awotesu Street, 

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