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Corporate Security Manager at Diageo

Guinness Nigeria operates various supply and demand operations focusing on the production and sales of Alcoholic beverages. Due to the current “High” security risk rating in major cities caused by the widespread violent crimes in Nigeria, significant threats may develop due to identified risk all of which pose a threat to Guinness Nigeria’s operations.Security of its personnel and other assets at the Supply sites and Demand operations remain key to the success of GN and this is the major responsibility of the Security Manager.Counterfeiting also poses a significant and growing threat to the delivery of the company’s organic plans. Addressing this issue is a key element of the company’s business strategy and the Security Manager plays a role in achieving this.


Purpose of the role:

To provide a continuous, coordinated and comprehensive security service, of the highest quality, ensuring that threats to company personnel, assets and business operations are properly identified, evaluated and countered in a timely and cost effective manner.


Market Complexity


The role will have support responsibility for a complex range of security services ranging from personnel/travel security management, physical/facility security, and events security coordination to investigations wherever these services are required.


Leadership Responsibilities


  • Vast depth in knowledge and experience in the Security field
  • Demonstrate understanding of inter and intra-relationships between different functions
  • Actively promote and live the Diageo Values and Capabilities


Top Job Accountabilities


Advise/Support the Head of Security, on an on-going basis regarding;


  • Any specific threats to company personnel, assets and information and business operations/activities, as soon as these are known
  • The general security threats to company personnel (including families and visitors) assets, information and business operations/activities (including the distribution chain) and of any changes in the threat as soon as this occurs
  • Cost effective, timely and appropriate measures to counter threats to security
  • The implementation of Security Policy, Common Platforms, ‘Best Practice’ and guidance notes received from Corporate Security



Qualifications and Experience:

  • A minimum of 6 years’ experience in Business Security Management in a senior level/capacity. A law enforcement background is required. A university degree is desirable
  • Possess good communication skills
  • Exploit all sources of information to obtain and collate detail on all threats or potential threats to the Company
  • Experience in conducting, recording and reporting timely, accurate, detailed and concise written and verbal reports/reviews
  • A detailed knowledge of all aspects of physical and electronic security, specifically: locks, building security, control of access procedures, perimeter protection, the use of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) and Intruder Detection Systems (IDS).
  • Prior experience of commanding a contracted and/or ‘in-house’ guard force
  • Management of effective investigations involving breaches of security and security incidents
  • Understand the principle involved in the protection of Company information, including that which is computer based, and the measures/procedures required to achieve this.
  • Ability to provide security input to Business Continuity Plans, Contingency Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans and Evacuation Plans.
  • Exposure to formal and informal security trainings in the required fields: facility security, electronic surveillance, investigations, personal security programs, supply chain security

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