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Vice President, Supply Chain at Bridges International Academics

Bridge International Academies is an education company founded in 2008 on a simple belief: high-quality education is priceless, but it shouldn’t cost a fortune. Bridge is the world’s largest chain of primary and pre-primary schools, operating over 500 academies in under-resourced communities across Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia, and India. Our scalable, data-driven, technology-enabled approach to education allows us to provide 100,000+ children living below the international poverty line with access to affordable, high-quality education and the opportunities they need to reach their dreams. Through our innovative, effective methods, Bridge serves as a model for what all schools should (and can) be—powerful places of learning that inspire trust and pride by delivering real results. 

About the Role:

The Global Supply Chain Director plays a key role and is an integral member of the Bridge team. Based in our (London, Nairobi, or India) office, you will work closely with a vibrant, passionate group of people dedicated to the same important goal of democratizing education. 

To be successful in this position, you should first and foremost connect with Bridge’s mission and vision on a deep level. At the end of the day, everything we (you) do at Bridge should be for the welfare of our children and their families. When Bridge parents buy a uniform for their child, it’s a significant expense—keep in mind, our families live on less than $2 per day, per household member. When they pay their child’s tuition, they expect that child will have a book in her hand on the first day of school. 



  • Bachelor’s degree from reputable university—MS or MBA a plus;
  • Experience building and managing all parts of a Global Supply Chain across multiple countries;
  • Proven-track record of dealing with the area-specific challenges presented by the regions in which we operate - Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya and India;
  • Superhuman organizational skills and ability to stay on top of a large, spread out inventory;
  • FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) experience—everything about Bridge moves fast!


Job Description:

  • Work hard to keep costs down for our customers;
  • Not be intimidated by a tight budget;
  • Create a detailed Materials Requirement Plan based on demand; 
  • Accurately and consistently forecast what will be needed, and when, and then own the responsibility of seeing that our parents and their children aren’t kept waiting. 
  • Work with various departments to identify, evaluate, and build strong relationships with the best, most trustworthy, most cost-effective vendors available. 
  • Be tough enough to hold vendors to their promises—price, quality, deadlines, etc.
  • Arrange/negotiate multi-year contracts with our customers’ financial interests in mind.
  • Find creative solutions to reduce delivery times.
  • Work with global supply chain staff to implement best-practice and standards to all of our countries from warehouse management, to local shipping and inventory management at our academies.
  • Become the company expert—know our products backwards and forwards, keeping up with changes and updates, and factoring all this into decision making. 

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