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Environmental, Health And Safety Officer at Fan Milk Plc

Fan Milk Plc is a leading manufacturer and marketer of healthy, nutritious and safe frozen dairy and non-frozen dairy food products with distribution channels across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Fan Milk Nigeria is a well established and fast growing food processing industry offering wide range of products.

About the Role: 

  • The role requires that the Environmental, Health and Safety Officer assist Implement’s controls for dynamic operations to generate SMART performance and expected results with focus to organization goals/targets achievement.
  • The Environmental, Health and Safety Officer assist to ensure that effluent and treated water is analysed and reported promptly. The overall emphasis is that the effluent treatment plant is running as it should and reports are generated and sent to the appropriate places to the achievement of cooperate organization goals and targets, through commitment, communication and proactive.
  • The Environmental, Health and Safety Officer assist to ensure and maintain day to day general factory and distribution centres premises hygiene.
  • The Environmental, Health and Safety assist Officer supervises the activities in the Effluent treatment plant, issues relating to environment, occupational Health and Safety  and the Safety team and ERO and ensures compliance through prompt analysis, audits and reports generation.
  • The Environmental, Health and Safety Officer assist with the team in the ETP, Safety and ERO focuses on team building that ensures that environmental and safety issues are maintained.


  • Ability to support situation situations and motivate all the stakeholders at all times.
  • Good Communication Skill to follow through both the up and down stream in the organization.
  • Process improvement and proactive
  • Attention to Detail, Thoroughness and ability to deal with Complexity
  • High Interest to the Job and expression of Zeal, Commitment and Ownership
  • HND/B.Sc Science’s related courses
  • Possesses active will to achieving set goals and promoting strong team spirit with the team members across the organization.
  • Ability to work with time to achieve set goals


Key Responsibilities:

Monitoring of the activities in the effluent treatment plant: 

  • Supervise the ETP Operators to ensure that they are running the ETP as it should be
  • Ensures that online analysis is carried out by the operators and findings well documented
  • Ensures that the stock of the chemicals used does not run out
  • Ensures that the ETP operators keep the area clean and tidy.

Analysis of effluent and treated water: 

  • Carry out analysis of effluent and treated water
  • Generate data of the analysis
  • Sends out daily effluent data to the sub unit head
  • Assist to initiation of necessary permits are obtained from NESREA

Environmental and safety audits: 

  • Carry out weekly environmental and safety audit and general report which has to be followed up to ensure all observations and non-compliances are closed.
  • Assist to support Monthly and Quarterly comprehensive report of the activities of  Environmental, Health and Safety is expected

Supports overseeing of factory pest management: 

  • Supervise that the daily pest Management surveillance is maintained by the consultant
  • Supervise Bait stations are in their proper place and are replaced when the need arises.
  • Supervise fumigation of the factory premises/offices are done as at when due and records properly kept

Fire Extinguisher and fire certificates: 

  • Supervise that fire extinguishers are in the appropriate places
  • Keep records of  fire extinguishers in the factory and at out stations and are they are serviced when due

Safety team and emergency response organisation: 

  • Assist to coordinates the activities of the safety team and ERO with regular meetings
  • Keeps records of all chemicals with MSDS
  • Environmental, Health and Safety Cord is expected to initiate Environmental Management Committee (EMC) meeting
  • Keeps records of the minutes of meeting
  • Ensures safety and ERO team members undergo training
  • Keep record of occupational accidents

Waste segregation and disposal: 

  • Supervise that solid waste are properly segregated
  • Supervise  to dispose off recyclable items to potential buyers
  • Ensures non-recyclable items to be disposed at the government approved site
  • Keep monthly records of all disposed items

Supports overseeing the activities of compound cleaning: 

  • The Environmental, Health and Safety Cord is to oversee the activities of the compound cleaners.
  • Work schedule of the cleaners are kept and ensures it is being followed.


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