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State Partnership Facilitator at Palladium

The State Partnership Facilitator is responsible for working under the State Team Leader and with other Partnership Facilitators to ensure the frontline delivery of the programme within the state. This includes contributing to the development of programme strategy and priorities within the state and working closely with partners to ensure delivery in line with the direction of the programme?s theory of change, results framework and work plan. State Partnership Facilitators shall be expected to ensure the integration of their work with ECP M&E, KM and communications systems, including developing output or work stream relevant M&E plans and effectively recording and sharing results. Maintaining close relationships with programme partners, under the guidance of the STL, is essential to the role including with relevant civil society partners, other programmes and government representatives.



  • Educated to university degree level or above
  • At least 5 years? experience in supporting civil society and voice and accountability in Nigeria
  • Experience working in a donor (preferably DFID) funded programme



  • Ability to engage a broad range of stakeholders, including civil society, government and the media and broker relationships between them
  • Strong understanding of state and civil society dynamics in Nigeria, particularly at the state level
  • Strong skills in using systems for the delivery of development programmes, including workplanning, monitoring and evaluation and knowledge management
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a complex team


Key Responsibilities:

Support to development and refinement of programme strategy in the state

  • Working together with technical advisors to undertake operational research in the state, including political economy, gender and conflict analysis, as well as assessments of the media, legislatures and ICTs
  • Liaising with other SPF?s and the STL to identify priority issues and partnerships to support in the state
  • Contributing to the development of workplans and budgets for the state and communicating these to partner organisations
  • Contributing to refinements of programme priorities and approach within the state on an on-going basis through participation in processes of reflection, review and re-strategising within the team

Programme delivery

  • Deliver against the agreed workplan including coordinating strategic planning, budgeting and implementation of assigned Outputs with the rest of the state team, ensuring synergy between Outputs, and practical compliance with Programme Operations Manual by partners.
  • Ensure work is delivered in line with PERL?s Theory of Change and strategic approach
  • Facilitate implementation of ECP?s approach by local partners, and mentor partners on how to manage project funds, enhance their resourcefulness and diminish their dependency on ECP.
  • Diagnose constraints in partners capacities, motivations and enabling environments and identify support required to meet these needs
  • Manage external support (local, state and national TA inputs, in line with guidelines in Programme Operations Manual) to meet agreed partners requirements on assigned Outputs
  • Coordinate joint planning and implementation of support to partners with other pillars of PERL and other Development Partners.

Support to M&E, Reflection, Reporting, KM & Communications systems

  • Develop and implement M&E plans relating to assigned Outputs/workstreams, as well as to Outcome & Impact Level M&E as requested/delegated by the STL and in conjunction with the MEL Support Team
  • Maintain personal activity, results and replication diaries relating to assigned Outputs/workstreams and their Outcome & Impact, including from monitoring of the political environment and local context.
  • Compile required information/data into state programme M&E database, activity report & replication diary summary sheets, case studies, QPRs and other reporting templates as required? whether individually or as a team, as agreed with STL.
  • Actively contribute to ?bigger picture? reflection, analysis, generation of learning/new knowledge and broad re-strategizing/planning through formal and informal interactions within the state team (e.g. quarterly/monthly reflection meetings).
  • Internally communicate/share learning and ideas with staff in other States and Abuja and externally communicate/share learning and ideas with other Development partners

Liaison with key programme partners

  • Lead on liaising with implementing partners in civil society, Media, (Private Sector) SHoAs, MDAs as delegated by the STL
  • Maintain a close working relationship with the SPFs or their equivalent for Pillar One of the PERL?s programme, as well those in the sectoral programmes and local government portfolio.
  • Liaise with STLs, OMs, FOs or equivalent staff of Other Programme?s serving as implementing partners on outputs/ sub-outputs handled by the SPO, with oversight of the STL.
  • Liaise with ECP Abuja (NTL/DTL, National TA, Federal Team, etc) as required through the STL.
  • Liaise with key high-level partners (DFID, leadership of State Govt & SHoA, etc) as requested/delegated by the STL.



Other reasonable tasks/amendments to TOR.

  • Agree that performance will be assessment based on these Terms of References. Any amendments to these ToRs should be discussed and agreed with your line manager.
  • Understand that you will be expected to undertake any reasonable task as requested by their line manager where it is not disruptive to other duties or inappropriate for the level of this position.

Information Management

  • Ensure that familiarity with all DFID and Palladium Policies and procedures and check SharePoint regularly to ensure that any updates are also being implemented in a timely manner.
  • Ensure that all work is completed in an accountable and transparent manner, this includes the use of official emails for work purposes, use of personal emails will not be permitted. All work must be saved to the agreed cloud or central server storage systems and not individual desktops or hard-drives.

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