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Head Of Operations (HoOps) For Supply Chain Management, Facilities & IT, Travel at Catholic Relief Services

Catholic Relief Services is the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States. We alleviate suffering and provide assistance to people in need in more than 100 countries, without regard to race, belief or nationality.


About the Role: 

Reporting to the Deputy Country Representative/Operations, the Head of Operations’ (HoOps) primary function is to provide leadership and oversight of the country program’s operational support departments in the following areas: Travel, Facilities & IT, Supply Chain Management (Warehousing, Fleet & Logistics, Procurement). The HoOps ensures that programs are supported to effectively meet articulated needs, manage risk, and increase efficiency. The HoOps ensures that all offices have corresponding systems in place and that applicable CRS and donor policies are consistently applied. The HoOps leads and oversees activities to strengthen the capacities of partners in these same functions. The HoOps is a member of the senior management team and plays a key role in all senior management decisions and initiatives.



  • Master’s in business administration, supply chain management, IT or other relevant field.
  • Minimum five years work experience in a management of non-profit, development, and/or humanitarian organization. At least two years of this should be in a developing country outside candidate’s country of origin.
  • Understanding of CRS financial and administrative systems (Sun Systems and Vision accounting software), policies, and procedures preferred.
  • Experience managing large, complex U.S. government awards; knowledge of relevant regulations.
  • Knowledge of procurement and general office administration/management issues.
  • Ability to work in a complex environment and to lead and work with a multi-cultural team.
  • Computer literate in MS Office, internet, email.
  • Strong communications and analytical abilities.
  • Willingness to travel
  • Foreign Language Required: (Region specific).


Key Responsibilities:



  1. As a member of the Country Program’s senior management team, work with senior colleagues to coordinate efforts with the aim of best serving program participants.
  2. Incorporate Operations issues into country strategic planning process. Assess and advocate for needed investments in Operations capacity.
  3. Serve as officer in charge of the country program during absence of Country Representative if requested.
  4. Attend relevant interagency, sector coordination, and representational meetings as required. Network with equivalent staff in colleague organizations.
  5. Work with technical leads to improve Operations capacity, including systems and staffing in the key functional areas in which s/he has oversight.
  6. Oversee Operations functions in field offices in the relevant areas by working closely with Field Office Managers and conducting regular visits to these offices.
  7. Actively participate in regional OpEx events (i.e. monthly calls, annual 3D meeting, etc.).
  8. Engage the CPs operations team in proposal development, ensuring collaboration with the program department that ensures optimal application of operational items, like: staffing, goods/services, office space, etc.
    Functional Management to Increase Effectiveness:
    (Inclusion of all functional areas here is fundamental to the position.)
    Information and Communication Technology:
  9. Ensure strategic management of ICT resources. Communicate CP priorities and ensure alignment of efforts.
  10. Ensure compliance with BIS regulations.
  11. Coordinate IT issues with the Regional Information Systems Analyst (RISA)
  12. Ensure that all CRS-owned software programs are registered and securely maintained
  13. Ensure that email, intranet and SUN network systems, at all offices, are functioning well.
  14. Ensure that adequate IT support is provided to all staff, and that the hardware and software programs are in line with CRS standard requirements.
  15. Ensure that IT equipment and software inventories are maintained and updated, and that IT needs assessments and replacement plans are carried out regularly.
  16. Verify all requests for procurement of IT equipment maintaining CRS standards for procurement of new equipment
  17. Apply ICT-enabled change management principles and act as a sponsor for and supporter of change agents. Promote adoption of standardized systems by all staff.
  18. Where CP is engage in ICT4D and other location-specific emergency projects, ensure the application of GKIM policies, and project management and ICT system planning and implementation principles.
  19. Ensure the application of ICT system operation, maintenance, and support principles. Ensure adherence to GKIM standards and protocols related to IT systems. Support management of service requests by facilitating integration with the Global Help Desk.
  20. Ensure the application of unique principles of managing ICT vendors.
    Supply Chain Management (Procurement, Warehousing, Fleet)
  21. Supervise the SC Manager in the strategic management of material resources. Communicate CP priorities and guide him/her to ensure alignment of efforts.
  22. Ensure efficiency and compliance in local and international procurement. This includes ensuring maintenance of the CPs ASL.
  23. Ensure proper stewardship of CRS resources, and the optimal utilization and maintenance of program assets and resources including proper inventory controls (includes oversight of inventory receiving and shipping as well as warehouse, fleet and asset management and the disposition of assets (i.e. ICT equipment and Vehicle Acquisition and Disposition Plans).
  24. Ensure high quality reporting that allows for proper tracing and tracking of inventory and assets. Ensure that in-kind transactions are reflected appropriately in financial statements according to CRS policy.
  25. Ensure integrity (accuracy, security) of SCM information systems.
    Administration and Logistics
  26. Ensure proper stewardship of CRS resources, and the optimal utilization and maintenance of program assets and resources including proper inventory controls (includes oversight of inventory receiving and shipping as well as warehouse, fleet and asset management and the disposition of assets).
  27. Ensure high quality reporting that allows for proper tracing and tracking of inventory and assets. Ensure that in-kind transactions are reflected appropriately in financial statements according to CRS policy.
  28. Oversee the country insurance policy for assets. Negotiate renewal of insurance policies
  29. Confirm the maintenance of an up-to-date inventory and the efficient tracking of all agency property per agency requirements.
  30. Ensure the preparation and submission of quarterly asset reports to HQ.
  31. Ensure that transportation services other than fleet management are appropriate to need and delivered in conformity with CRS policies.
  32. Ensure that risk mitigation strategies including insurance are undertaken. Lead preparation of agency Risk Disclosure Report.
  33. Support the Administration Manager’s oversight of the Administration department’s staff and functions, including procurement, fleet and facilities management.


  1. Ensure that appropriate and sufficient office and residential property is identified and leased. This includes negotiating and monitoring agreements and payment schedules, extending leases when desired and necessary and maintaining relationships with landlords.
  2. Ensure that offices and residences are functional in a cost effective manner. This involves facilitating, managing and monitoring the use of utilities like electricity (i.e. generators and state power), gas, water, etc., as well as the provision of general maintenance and repairs.
  3. Ensure that (the quality of) services provided for the functioning of offices and residences (i.e. cleaners, cooks, guards, etc.) is overseen.
  4. Ensure that safety and security standards in all offices and residences are established, maintained and sustained. Therewith providing appropriate workspaces for all staff.
  5. Ensure that office floor plans, which are used for the monthly distribution of costs in the Facilities Pool (pool 2), are maintained and kept up to date.
  6. Ensure an effective and efficient inventory management system which comprises of quarterly inventory count and tagging


  1. Ensure the timely execution of requests for bus, car, plane and train travel, as well as for hotel accommodation, insurance and visa, etc. for both domestic and international travel.
  2. Ensure that regular market surveys are conducted so as to guarantee CRS’ recommended travel options are as economic as possible.
  3. Ensure necessary arrangements are made for visitors. This includes visa upon arrival, airport pick up/drop off, hotel reservation, hotel pick-up for office, sharing of welcome package: visitor briefing document, constant companion, mobile phone, internet connection, etc.
  4. Ensure that a traveler tracker is maintained and kept up to date. This tracker monitors all movements arranged for by the Travel Unit. Information of visitors arriving should be shared regularly with the Security Coordinator for planning of needed security briefings.
  5. Ensure all travelers are informed if/when itineraries are changing.

Relationship Management to Build Capacity and ensure Compliance

Donor and Government Compliance:

  1. Perform periodic conduct systems checks in all support departments and offices to ensure that CRS is in compliance with CRS and donor standards, and to ensure responsive support to staff, programs, and partners.
  2. Identify management system weaknesses, establish priorities, provide recommendations for improved systems performance and ensure compliance.
  3. Oversee compliance with US Law as it pertains to CRS’ operations. This includes the Patriot Act, FFATA, U.S. export licensing regulations under OFAC and Commerce programs in coordination with HQ Office of General Counsel.
  4. Oversee compliance with local laws. Ensure that legal commitments are made in accordance with local law and US law where applicable. Manage responsibilities that go with an international presence, including country agreements and visa and registration requirements. Identify and work with local counsel.
  5. Act as lead contact for and lead responder to any issues that emerge from internal and external audits.
  6. Plan, organize, liaise, oversee, and monitor CAP implementation for A-133 and other audits of sub-recipients.

Partner Capacity Building:

  1. Lead relevant CRS staff to help partners identify and resolve management quality issues, and to continually improve quality and strengthen capacities.
  2. Provide timely, efficient, appropriate technical assistance to staff and partners in management issues.
  3. Ensure that the CPs data related to SRFMP on Gateway is accurate and up to date. This automatically implies that the requirements from this particular policy are adhered to.

Agency-wide Competencies (for all CRS Staff)
These are rooted in the mission, values, and principles of CRS and used by each staff member to fulfill his or her responsibilities and to achieve the desired results.

  • Serves with Integrity
  • Models Stewardship
  • Cultivates Constructive Relationships
  • Promotes Learning

Head of Operations Competencies

  • Promotes Stewardship of Resources
  • Ensures Principled compliance
  • Proactively Manages Risk
  • Leads Operational Improvements

Supervisory: Human Resources Manager, Finance Manager, IT Manager, SCM Manager, Administration Manager and other Operations managers as appropriate.

Key Working Relationships:

  • Internal: The Country Representative, Deputy Country Representatives, Emergency Director, Head of Operations in charge of Human Resources, Finances and Agreements, COPs and other program managers and heads of unit, regional and HQ teams including the DRD-MQ; HQ- MPI, HQ Human Resources, HQ Finance, HQ GKIM, OGC, HQ Internal Audit
  • External: Heads of Caritas Internationalis representatives; Church partners; CRS implementing partners; operational partners and colleague organizations; USAID Mission; Center for Disease Control, EU, and other international donors; Local Government; auditors; banking and insurance Institutions; service providers and vendors


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