Course Details

  • Fee N100,000.00
  • Mode offline
  • Duration
  • Specialization Digital Marketing
  • Location Lagos
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Web Application Development Training

Course Title: Web Application Development Training


In this course, you will learn how to create dynamic and interactive websites using PHP and how to manage databases with PHP. You will go from building mere websites to web applications by learning how to authenticate users, manage sessions, manage emails, manipulate files, validate forms, develop APIs, connect to web services and other advanced topics in PHP

This course takes a deep dive into building interactivity into your application through Ajax and many more. You will be taught the concept of Model-View-Controller using codeigniter framework. You will be required to build your own application using all the things you have learnt.

The following course modules will be covered:


  • HTML and CSS – Where you learn how to design webpages and then static websites
  • Javascript and Jquery – You learn how to add interactivity to your websites and web applications
  • MYSQL – You learn how about databases leading up to the basis of building a dynamic application
  • PHP Programming – you will be able to develop a full fledged application using PHP Programming language
  • We also have a free module – software engineering.

Our approach is 100% Practical and Job oriented as we understand that raising software developers is not a mere academic process but an apprenticeship, where you learn the trade from experts.

Our goals are to:

  • Increase your employability
  • Enable you to engage in freelance jobs
  • Help you become an Entrepreneur

Fee: N100, 000.00 (early payment by January 7, 2017 will enjoy 10% discount)

Start Date: February 7, 2017

Duration: 10 weeks

The future you are waiting for is in your hands, start moulding it!

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