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Senior Subsidiary Business Group Lead - Office at Microsoft

As a company our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. As an employer, we empower our own people to achieve more and make a difference in the world. Join us and be one who empowers billions! 

•Reach – Microsoft’s resources and scale empowers employees to utilize their skills for lasting impact.
•Freedom – Microsoft values each individual’s talent and skillset and provides the freedom to explore and enhance them. 
•Inspiration – Inspiration can be found through our Office products and how they can improve our customers’ lives.

The Subsidiary BG Lead (BG Lead) has end-to-end accountability for the BG business in the local market or area including planning, execution and governance. This includes revenue, scorecard and share dashboard accountabilities and goals, as well as playing a leadership role within the subsidiary including participating in Extended Leadership meetings, planning and governance processes and providing data and insights that support and drive effective business prioritization and decision-making that achieves the BG’s business goals. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree (B.S./B.A.) required, MBA preferred. Relevant fields of study include Marketing, Business, Computer Science
  • Experience
  • 5-8 years of product marketing experience, people management experience preferred. 



  • Develop and attract talent
  • Product and customer focused
  • Understand product advocacy and evangelism
  • Core marketing experience (positioning and messaging)
  • Being a conduit between technology and the business with the voice of customer in mind
  • Role model for Microsoft values 


Key Responsibilities:

In this role, the BG Lead is responsible for close cross-group collaboration across segments to ensure local execution of strategies and tactics to further drive the business. An important role of the BG Lead is building deep audience insight, including understanding audience segmentation; their attitudes and purchase behaviors. Based on these insights, build locally relevant customer offers and co-marketing partnerships and integrate into the commercial and consumer sales motions. They are the ambassador for the product brand in the local market or area and are responsible for overseeing and managing the investments in BG broad marketing and digital media outreach initiatives. 
The BG Lead is expected to have a deep understanding of the products, the go-to-market strategies, competitive landscape and the local business opportunity and climate in their local market or area. The BG Lead is the local spokesperson externally and internally for the products in the subsidiary. Finally, the BG Lead is on point for reporting back to Corp on the success metrics (scorecard) as part of the rhythm of the business process. 

The impact you'll be making:

Business and Monetization (20%)

  • Accountable for the business goals and targets of the BG (revenue, scorecard and share dashboard), including consumption and usage. 
  • Business leadership is critical in driving governance and changes in the business model, based on business issues and market dynamics. 
  • Influence & Orchestration, cross segment, cross discipline (sales, marketing, services, and partners) and between the geography and Corp. 
  • Accountable for the cross subsidiary collaboration health within your geography. 
  • Influence the product planning prioritization to meet the local market’s needs. 


Marketing Planning and Program Execution (30%)

  • Cross subsidiary influence and leadership access to enable your team to create timely and quality integrated marketing plans that are fully supported by the Segment Leaders. 
  • Enable the cross subsidiary commitments from the 4 wheels (Sales, Services, Other Marketing and Partner) to fully execute these plans. 
  • If appropriate, partner with other Subsidiary BG Leads and/or MSA BG Lead to leverage other resources and/or initiatives for a more impactful and holistic plan. 
  • Think and act as “One Microsoft” by successfully engaging stakeholders with clearly defined roles and responsibilities (using a model such as OARPi).
  • Be the Office ambassador of the Product Brand experience and Microsoft CPE (Customer & Partner Experience). 

Competitive Positioning and Response (20%)

  • Assess the overall ecosystem (internal sales, Partner sales, connected sales and marketing motions) and establish changes needed to build a sustainable compete muscle. 
  • Review, monitor and adjust the strategies and action plans to accelerate our market share growth against our prioritized competitors. 
  • Review and monitor the relevant Share Dashboard metrics and be familiar with the key levers. 
  • Based on the competitive insights and strategies derived by your Product Marketing Managers (PMMs), provide the leadership to orchestrate the cross subsidiary/segment commitment and coordination to execute said strategies. 
  • Manage the escalation processes in competitive situations, and distill the learnings from win/loss reviews to drive systematic change in the subsidiary. 
  • Assess the overall strengths and weaknesses of the subsidiary’s sales and marketing force in being able to message the value proposition, story tell and advocate (demo) your key products. 
  • Build and execute a plan to resolve key gaps and shortcomings, leveraging both subsidiary and MSA PMMs. 
  • Continually work on a scalable approach to expand our product messaging, across multiple channels, both traditional and digital. 
  • Partner with Segment Leaders to build a pipeline of product advocates among our customers and partners. 

For Area HQ role only:

The Multi-Subsidiary Area Business Group Lead (MSA BG Lead) manages, guides and is accountable for the Area planning, execution and performance management (Scorecard, Revenue, and Market Share attainment). The MSA BG Lead has a strong dotted line management relationship with the individual Subsidiary BG Leads. The MSA BG Lead’s regional/multi-subsidiary perspective enables him/her to contribute to the subsidiaries’ BG business in several unique ways:

  • Determining common challenges and structural impediments in which an orchestrated Corp or Area level enabled response would be more effective/efficient.
  • Identifying and building partnerships with regional ‘partners/players’ that can impact several subsidiaries.
  • Facilitating the adoption of best practices or executional muscle consistently across the Area.
  • Securing the MSA Segment leaders’ commitment to facilitate uniform cross segment execution in the subsidiaries. The MSA BG Lead manages the various aspects of the annual business planning cycle including target cascading, segment alignment workshops, marketing planning, quarterly forecasting, Business Group-owned mid-year review preparation, and other key fiscal activities across the Areas. 

Small Sub – Individual Contributor (IC) only.

As an IC, the BG Lead is responsible for developing and driving the appropriate sized footprint/plan relative to his/her market in alignment with his/her subsidiary leadership team and Area MSA lead. Small sub BG leads will see increased time allocated to execution and vendor management activities.

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