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Furnace Supervisor at Saipem

Supervise the execution of construction and assembly works of Furnaces, Heaters and Boilers, both performed by subcontractors or in direct hiring, ensuring full compliance with safety and quality standards and procedures and verify that works are correctly carried out in accordance with project documentation and in the planned time frame. Support the mechanical subcontractors or the direct hiring personnel ensuring the feasibility (availability of drawings and materials) of the works.



  • Expertise with commissioning phases and activities.
  • Knowledge of the main international Construction standards, codes and regulations.
  • Furnace construction and installation sequences - Knowledge of prefabrication, fabrication and installation methodologies for equipment and related components and for steel structures and supports. Knowledge of equipment (Furnaces, Heaters and Boilers) installation methodologies. Knowledge of equipment (Furnaces, Heaters and Boilers) installation sequences. Awareness of heavy lifting methodologies for equipment.
  • Furnace materials - Knowledge of main materials for furnace erection.
  • Understanding and application of HSE Project Plan. Promotion of safe works practices and environmental protection. Application and promotion of safety intervention. Effective HSE communication (TBD, HSE meetings, etc.). Understanding and correct use of permit to work system and risk assessment.
  • Knowledge of Hydrotest and Reinstatement methodologies, procedures and equipment.
  • Capability to read and interpret technical project documents such as erection drawings, steel structures drawings, isometrics, standards for supports, P and IDs, piping arrangements, plot plants, underground plot plants.
  • Awareness of painting and insulation activities for piping and steel structures. Knowledge of refractory materials installation.
  • Understanding and application of a project execution and construction plan. Capability to execute the assigned activities in order to achieve the scheduled targets.
  • Familiarity with Project QA/QC plan and methods, procedures and requirements for the related application.
  • Capability to coordinate Subcontractor personnel from a technical point of view, being their focal point.
  • Knowledge of welding and NDT techniques, procedures (e.g. WPS, PQR) and equipment.
  • Awareness of measurement methodologies and material quantities, in order to control the progress of the works. Knowledge of methodologies to evaluate the activities efficiency.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Promote safe works practices and environmental protection, ensuring that safety and quality standards are respected.
  • Ensure the fulfillment of the project quality and contractual requirements.
  • Verify and confirm the availability of drawings and materials, to plan the efficient execution of the works performed by subcontractors or by direct hiring personnel.
  • Assist subcontractors or direct hiring personnel for the correct interpretation of the drawings, providing support in the solution of technical problems.
  • Prepare and coordinate the detailed programs for the assigned activities.
  • Coordinate human and technical resources, indicating any needs or surplus.
  • Verify that works are correctly carried out in accordance with the project specifications, highlighting any engineering problems encountered in the field .
  • Measure the progress of the works carried out.
  • Provide quantitative data for producing weekly progress reports, monitoring the employed manpower.
  • Ensure the continuous assessment of the quantities installed.

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