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Back Finance And Operations Manager at Pallidium

The Finance and Operations Manager based in Abuja, Nigeria is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Nigerian government, donor, and company policies and procedures in the areas of finance and office administration.



  • College education equivalent of Bachelors Degree in Business Administration or Finance or Accounting. Masters Degree in Business Administration preferred.
  • Certified or licensed in tax, payroll and audit or ACCA or CIMA preferred.
  • Minimum five years of relevant experience. Experience with INGO projects is a plus.
  • Knowledge of the financial and accounting systems in Nigeria.
  • Experience working on USAID funded projects is highly desired.



  • Strong analytical and computer skills (Accounting Software, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet).
  • Ability to maintain financial records, and prepare financial reports.
  • Ability to work in a team and communicate effectively with diverse cultural and professional staff members.
  • Ability to take initiative, working independently and able to juggle multiple priorities without compromising the high standards of performance and integrity expected of all project team members.
  • Ability to multi-task and keep track of concurrent deadlines.
  • Ability to speak, write and read English is required.
  • Ability to travel within Nigeria


Key Responsibilities:


A. Budget, Accounting and Financial Management

  • Ensure all finances are managed in alignment with the Nigerian government regulations, company and client?s financial policies and procedures.
  • Liaise with project team in Field Office and HQ to prepare, review and revise project budgets and expenditure forecasts.
  • Forecast project expenditures through field office, timely submit field cash requests and manage cash flows in field office.
  • Communicate and follow up with relevant suppliers, consultants, vendors, contractors and staff with regards to invoices, payments, advances or finances.
  • Reconcile and review invoices for payments. Ensure necessary review, deliverables, and approvals before issuing payments. Write checks and issue payments.
  • Ensure applicable tax withholding and deductions are taken care of as per the Nigerian laws and regulations.
  • Maintain up to date bank and petty cash account transaction records and supporting documentations.
  • Record all financial transactions in the financial templates provided by HQ, accurately and in a timely fashion. Prepare, review and submit regular field vouchers and financial reports to HQ, as required.
  • Collect bank statements for the bank accounts, review cash book, and reconcile the accounts.
  • Review monthly financial reports, and inform/update expenditure forecast/budget on regular basis.
  • Prepare financial report as necessary and provide necessary financial support to the project.
  • Process for applicable tax exemptions and VAT reimbursements during or after procurements.
  • Assist in end of year financial audit, as required.

B. Human Resources Management (HRM):

  • Coordinate with field office and HQ team to ensure field office HRM is in compliance with local labor laws, company policies and donor requirements.
  • Implement applicable company policies and procedures to recruit field staff.
  • Monitor and manage staff employment contracts and extensions in consultations with the project team in field and HQ. Keep track of contract expiry dates and process renewal on timely fashion in consultation with Country Director and HQ team.
  • Ensure personnel files for all staff are created, maintained and archived. The file includes complete record of all relevant information including recruitment documents, employment agreement, leave records and other performance related information.
  • Ensure timely submission of timesheet, leave plan and leave request, and respective supervisor approvals. Keep track and record of accrued leave days, used leave days and timesheets.
  • Manage employee salary administration according to Nigerian laws, statutory requirements for income taxation, social security and other contributions, medical care, insurance and other benefits. Ensure payroll is correctly calculated, necessary withholdings and deductions are taken care of, salaries and bonuses are paid on time. As applicable, liaise with the staff and project team to ensure tax returns/reports are submitted to the relevant government authorities.
  • As necessary, coordinate with company offices in HQ and Nigeria to support/renew registration of company and employees to social security/pension funds and tax office and other local authorities.
  • Supervise and make sure working conditions are in conformity with legal requirements.
  • Assist Country Director and HQ team in qualitative performance appraisal and professional development planning processes.
  • Maintain records of all performance development activities including participation in workshop, training, seminars, etc. for each staff member in personnel files.
  • Supervise operations staff, and conduct regular periodic evaluation in consultation with the Country Director and HQ, as applicable.
  • Organize and participate in social events for the project staff and management.

C. Procurement and Contracts Management:

  • In consultation with HQ, assist the project team in the hiring and management of consultants, vendors and contractors.
  • Ensure the project team follows company policies, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), project processes and donor regulations when hiring consultants, vendors and contractors.
  • Liaise with the project team and HQ Operations team to process contracts, agreements, grants, Purchase Orders and all other procurements and leases.
  • Monitor and keep track of deliverable due dates and contract expiry dates, and timely inform Technical Monitors and HQ team for contract extensions.
  • Maintain and update separate folder for each of the procurements. Keep records of important information, documents and deliverables related to consultants, sub-contractors/grantees and vendors for future audit purposes, such as selection, contracts and modifications, deliverables, invoices and close outs.
  • Ensure that invoices are received, reviewed, approved and, payments made on time and in accordance with the agreement.

D. Operations and Office Management:

  • Prepare field office operations manual in consultation with HQ operations team and Country Director. Ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are followed in all activities and procurement.
  • Oversee all office administrative function of the office to ensure smooth office operations in all phases of the project: start up, full implementation and close out.
  • Coordinate with HQ and company security contact points to ensure company safety and security polices and guidelines are followed.
  • Monitor and manage business travel for staff including review and processing of travel authorization, travel advance requests, travel expense reports, logistics arrangement for transportation, lodging, etc. Ensure travelers follow applicable policies, SOPs, and guidelines of the company and donor. Keep track of travels and advances, and follow up for timely submission of travel expense reports and advance reconciliations.
  • Manage office space including processing of agreements for office space lease, utilities and services and timely payments and extension/termination of agreements.
  • Ensure necessary insurance coverages for staff, office and equipment are in place.
  • Oversee inventory management for office equipment (including computers, printers), publications and supplies, including updated inventory list, insurance and period maintenance.
  • Coordinate with technical team to ensure operations support during travel, workshops, training and other events.
  • Coordinate with field and HQ security point of contacts to ensure safety and security to project staff and resources.

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