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  1. As Process Engineer you are expected to become experts in technology in all technical aspects, ie operational, mechanical & electrical. You have to acquire the in depth knowledge of all units and sub-assemblies including understanding all software features (all levels of details), pneumatics, mechanical components specifications. You must be technically prepared to perform the role of a back-up Process Engineer in another Area. You are responsible to get personally involved in troubleshooting to be able to understand and solve technical problems regardless of their complexity and nature. You need to fully understand the content of all documentation of your equipment. In addition to providing very strong technical leadership in an area of the line, you are expected to own and lead a Safety and Quality Assurance Key Element for the Department. As such, you need to acquire all the necessary mastery in the specific HS&E system and QAKE and take full responsibility to ensure this is effectively implemented and delivering expected results in the Department.

    As Manager, you are responsible to enable your self and your matrix technicians to learn effectively in tough environment assuming that others will not deliver to you what you need. You are responsible to ensure that information you are obtaining is 100% correct, even if you have to verify it yourself. You are expected to communicate the issues immediately and openly, if they are beyond your area of influence. You need to ensure your technicians are closely coached and directed to meet the objective of the Technical Support Group. Ensure that you and your technicians are fully integrated in the Department. You are responsible for taking care of your people during work as well as outside the plant. Make sure that whilst away on training, that you and your technicians represent Ibadan Organisation properly)



  • Minimum Bsc Degree in Engineering


Key Responsibilities:


Technical Documentation

  • acquire and understand full set of up-to-date mechanical drawings, electrical and pneumatic drawings
  • acquire complete software package (Vendor and P&G specifics)
  • establish effective storage and maintenance process for those


  • acquire full set of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic settings for your equipment
  • understand the meaning and influence of all of those
  • verify personally the reliability of measurements methods and tools
  • develop a list of selected parameters to be tracked and checked via CPE or PA as well as proper drawings and formats
  • develop initial targets and limits for those

Major Spares

  • understand the initial list of major spares defined within the project scope in your area
  • verify whether the initial list is adequate or not and if needed highlight the need for additional ones
  • based on the knowledge from other plants understand the lifetime for those
  • develop or acquire the replacement and rebuild CBA’a and train few experts on those

Spare Parts

  • verify initial list of spare parts in your area, add more in needed based on experience
  • ensure orders of all spares are placed at least 3months to start-up and assign resources to track delivery
  • develop from day one, very rigorous monitoring / follow-up tool for ordered spares

Maintenance Program

  • based on information from equipment manufacturer and other plants, develop maintenance program for critical units and subassemblies (time based and condition based).
  • lead your area technicians to develop CIL for each equipment in their area
  • define and order proper tools (workshop tools, oscilloscopes, special diagnostic tools etc) and test stands
  • schedule and execute specific rebuild training for matrix rebuild Technicians

CBA’s, SOP’s

  • develop list of critical CBA’s and SOP to be prepared before start-up
  • prepare the CBA’s and SOP’s and verify them to be ready to use before start-up


  • understand in details scope and procedure of changeover for your units
  • schedule and get trained on the c/o procedure
  • develop written procedures for each c/o item
  • ensure that all the special parts and tools to perform the c/o are ordered and delivered



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