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  • Fee N15.00
  • Mode offline
  • Duration
  • Specialization Human Resources
  • Location Lagos
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Career Advancement Programme

Course Title: Career Advancement Programm

Looking for something to give you an edge while searching or on the job, then we have what you need. We offer diverse selection of courses for both corporate organizations and individuals. Our courses are delivered to make impact and interactive with the opportunity to share your view. With us learning is enjoyable

Course Description:

In this course we will explicitly show you the steps for transitioning from your current job or still searching to your dream job. Your new dream job can be in the industry you currently work in or it can be in a whole new direction. Either way, the strategy and action steps remain the same. There are so many moving parts in today’s job market so you simply must have a clear plan for how you will not only make the move but how you will identify the ideal company that will complement not just your skillset but your sense of fulfilment. Because of technology, almost everybody is available outside of traditional working hours. This means you need to align your strategy accordingly, it must have clear milestones but also be flexible enough that it can adapt to unforeseen situations. Ultimately this course is about setting yourself up for success – make getting a job your job.

Course Objective:

Course will enables students to take the first steps towards a new job or even a whole new career

Classroom Training: Fully Airconditined Classroom with good parking space.

Course Outline:

1. How to Build Your Personal Brand
2. Create A Winning CV
3. The Rolex Job Search Strategy
4. Networking in A Clusttered World
5. Interview Winning Ways
6. Negotiating Your Salary Like A Boss
7. Building A Career- ROadmap to Success

Additional Material:

  • Each participant will get a free CV rewrite worth N5,000 
  • Personal Goal Setting Worksheet

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