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Branch Manager at Standard Chartered

Job Title: Branch Manager

Standard Chartered is committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe that a work environment which embraces diversity will enable us to get the best out of the broadest spectrum of people to sustain strong business performance and competitive advantage. By building an inclusive culture, each employee can develop a sense of belonging, and have the opportunity to maximise their personal potential.




  • To deepen existing Customer relationships and maintaining operational efficiency while providing the appropriate Service Standards.
  • To undertake periodic self-assessment on key controls to assess the proper functioning and adequacy of existing controls.
  • Assist in coordinating, facilitating and promoting understanding of operational risk and in implementation and management of OR within the Unit.
  • To assist in managing the sales process for WB customers and selectively acquire new CB business where required.
  • Active participation in the Shared Distribution strategy to execute branch action plans for meeting cost targets and supporting revenue growth.
  • Deliver the Bank’s “Wealth Partner” value proposition to Customers via the “plan, build and protect” methodology.
  • Ensure full Compliance with group standards, local laws and regulations, controls and procedures of the bank.


  • Ensure you remain alert to the risk of money laundering and assist in the Bank’s efforts in combating it by adhering to the principles in relation to:“Identifying your customer, knowing your customer, reporting suspicions, safeguarding records and not disclosing suspicions to Customers”.
  • Ensure your staff are trained in combating money laundering 




  • Responsible for monitoring & controlling branch costs
  • Responsible for deepening sales to WB customers and selectively acquiring CB customers 



  • Daily Team Meeting
  • Plan today’s activity.
  • Weekly one-on-one with Direct Reports
  • Review week’s activity.
  • Agree next week’s activity.
  • Agree remedial actions.
  • Monthly co-ordination of in branch sales
  • Review individual performance with team leaders.

Sales training sessions.
Disciplinary Process (Manage up OR out).

People and Talent

  • Improve staff quality and develop their potentials.
  • Convey Targets and objectives set by top management to all staff and direct resources towards achievement of these targets and objectives.
  • Provide job rotation and OJT opportunities to enhance staff skills.
  • Carry out staff competency model (personal development planning) and performance appraisal to encourage good performance and highlight areas for development.
  • Communicate Bank and CB strategy and tactics.


Support Roles.

  • Provide efficient operational support to all business units.
  • Provide high quality financial services.
  • Provide account maintenance and support.


Characteristic Major Activities

  • Weekly sales activities.
  • Oversee customer account maintenance/transaction activities.
  • Routine managerial duties (review operational deficiency/premises issues/performance appraisal and training/operational and cost control
  • Resolve escalated customer queries and complaints.
  • Improve staff productivity/service quality.
  • Sign all Level 3 accounts
  • Sign off on all deferrals
  • Does KCS on at least 5% of all accounts opened for the month to ensure Quality control.
  • Provide leadership and team building.
  • Cost Control.


Risk Management

  • Ensure, through the Personal Financial Consultant and Operations Manager, proper control and efficiency of Branch.
  • Supervise work delegated to staff.
  • Alert to unusual items, unbalanced positions, irregularities and long outstanding transactions.
  • Ensure good operating security measures in the branch.
  • Limited responsibility for branch Compliance Risk Monitoring.
  • Responsible for undertaking the business monitoring and testing, and reporting findings, exceptions and results from such monitoring and testing activities.
  • Ensure, through the Branch Operations Manager, reconciliation of all branch suspense accounts.


ORMA- Responsible Person

  • To undertake periodic self-assessment on key controls to assess the proper functioning and adequacy of existing controls.
  • Assist in coordinating, facilitating and promoting understanding of operational risk and in implementation and management of OR within the Unit.
  • To perform the following key responsibilities:
  • To report Unit’s OR issues to UORM
  • To adhere to the agreed KCSA plans and approach
  • To identify and report all exceptions on non compliance with standard controls
  • To identify and report all weaknesses inherent in the standard controls
  • To maintain proper record keeping on all KCSA related activities.
  • To maintain independence in the conduct of KCSA, i.e. not selecting and reviewing sample of self-performed transactions.


Security and Safety

  • Responsible for the safety and security of the banks assets and property at the branch.
  • Ensure all drills are conducted in line with procedure and prescribed frequency.
  • Ensure all staff and new staff go through security training, undertake SAFE and ensure security awareness.
  • Submit quarterly scorecard and advise on lesson learnt.
  • Anti Money Laundering and KYC Process and Controls.

To be the branch’s Chief Compliance Officer.
To act as the branch’s Money Laundering Prevention Officer (MLPO)
Supervise the Personal Financial Consultant to ensure compliance with:
Guidelines and Procedures on “Know Your Customer” for Account Opening and Guidelines and Procedures on Cross –Border Account Opening Referral issued by Group Business and operations risk.
Controls and Procedures on “Know Your Customer and Customer Due Diligence introduced to address money laundering prevention and compliance risk.
“Guidelines for the submission of Suspicious Transaction Reports” issued by Head Legal & Compliance/Country Money Laundering Prevention Officer.
Prompt completion of L1, L2, and L3 reviews as per local/ group policy.
Prompt and accurate completion of all risk reports (CRM, KCSA, KCS, KRI and others that will be required, and ensure self and staff achieve required proficiency/ competency, in all mandatory risk training courses.
Remain alert to the risk of money laundering and assist in the Bank efforts in combating it by adhering to the key principles in relation to: Identifying your customer, knowing your customer, reporting suspicions, safeguarding records and not disclosing suspicions to customers. Ensure your staff are trained in combating money laundering
Service Quality   

Accountability for SQ measures and performance.
Maintaining good appearance of branch facilities and staff.
Track service performance regularly and rectify any deficiency.
Attend to and resolve customer’s complaints and feedback promptly.
Ensure strict compliance with corporate branding and visual standards.
Act as the responsible party under the Group’s Risk Management Framework including relevant Operational Risk Framework ownership for branch sales and service related risk. Ensure a full understanding of the risk and control environment in area of responsibility


  • Responsible for assessing the effectiveness of the Group’s arrangements to deliver effective governance, oversight and controls in the business and, if necessary, oversee changes in these areas
  • Awareness and understanding of the regulatory framework in which the Group operates, and the regulatory requirements and expectations relevant to the role.
  • Responsible for delivering ‘effective governance’; capability to challenge fellow executives effectively; and willingness to work with any local regulators in an open and cooperative manner.

Regulatory & Business conduct

  • Display exemplary conduct and live by the Group’s Values and Code of Conduct.
  • Take personal responsibility for embedding the highest standards of ethics, including regulatory and business conduct, across Standard Chartered Bank. This includes understanding and ensuring compliance with, in letter and spirit, all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and the Group Code of Conduct.
  • Lead the branch team to achieve the outcomes set out in the Bank’s Conduct Principles: Fair Outcomes for Clients; Financial Crime Prevention; The Right Environment.
  • Effectively and collaboratively identify, escalate, mitigate and resolve risk, conduct and compliance matters.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Academic or Professional Education/Qualifications; First degree (minimum of a second class degree) in any higher institution
  • Professional Memberships; CIBN or any relevant certification
  • Diversity and Inclusion


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