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Bilingual/French Customer Support Hero at IROKO Partners Limited

Job description

• To provide excellent customer service by communicating with our customers professionally and respectfully.

• To pay rapt attention to details, investigating and interpreting issues, to purpose of quick resolution.

• To convey information clearly, confidently, and politely.
To provide our French-speaking customers with excellent customer service in French.
• Responding to all incoming live-chat, email, and/or social media inquiries for iROKO+ customers

• Troubleshooting and resolving customers’ problems with our product by determining the cause of the problem, then selecting and explaining the best solution

• Bringing any relevant issues to line manager’s attention immediately

• Consistently staying up-to- date with new iROKO+ products/services

• Providing weekly reports on customer feedback to management

• Converting potential customers by answering product/service questions, suggesting information about subscription plans, payment options and devices.

• Reviewing and making changes to customer accounts where necessary

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Digital Marketing Training

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