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Officer, Retail Products And Marketing Services at Standard Chartered Bank

Job Title: Officer, Retail Products and Marketing Services

Summary: Standard Chartered is committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe that a work environment which embraces diversity will enable us to get the best out of the broadest spectrum of people to sustain strong business performance and competitive advantage. By building an inclusive culture, each employee can develop a sense of belonging, and have the opportunity to maximise their personal potential.
We've operated for over 150 years in some of the world's fastest-growing markets. We aim to lead the way in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


Qualification: Not specified

Job Description:


  • Secure OOH sites at strategic locations in Lagos, Abuja and PH 
  • Develop and Manage a business driven marketing budget for the Retail Banking Segment 
  • Develop & implement Retail Banking segment marketing plans to: 
  • Increase revenue growth in line with business objectives 
  • Enhance brand equity 
  • Deliver Marketing services cost effectively 


  • Develop campaign proposals and post campaign evaluation reports 
  • Create advertising briefs for agencies to develop communications and advertising campaigns 
  • Drive consistency of the usage and management of the Masterbrand and Corporate Identity Guidelines within Corporate Affairs and Brand and Marketing, in-country. 
  • Align the B&M function around the bank's direction, choices and tactics 
  • Ensure marketing plan adherence by working with the Retail Banking Segment and managing suppliers 
  • Ensure account opening forms are reviewed by all relevant stakeholders and signed-off before printing 
  • Ensure marketing collaterals and services are designed and produced in line with brand guidelines- work with accredited third party providers when resources are scarce to be able to deliver the collaterals and services to a standard that is consistent with the brand. 
  • Act as the link between the Retail Banking segment and brand and marketing, in-country. 
  • Liaise with various marketing agencies for creation and implementation of branding exercise, events and promotions activities to be carried out and negotiate on cost, time, deliverables, terms and conditions and propose to the Management the best deals for approval 
  • Work closely within the team and with the Group B&M team to ensure that the network capabilities of the bank are fully utilized 
  • Lay down parameters for ROMI in the Retail Banking segment 
  • Brainstorm new and innovative ideas that will help businesses achieve their growth strategies 


  • Carry-out all desk operating instructions 
  • Implement processes and tools developed by Group Brand to drive consistent branding and brand experience in-country 
  • Develop, maintain and manage critical vendor relationships and related contracts and work in conjunction with Global Sourcing 
  • Proactively manage media and advertising agencies 
  • Identify areas of process improvement and recommend ways to increase functional effectiveness and improve operational processes. 

People and Talent 

  • Advise on best practices and emerging developments in-country and when necessary 
  • Enrol for trainings that directly impact on the job 
  • Build leadership capacity through formal and informal learning 

Risk Management 

  • Comply with, in letter and spirit, all applicable laws and regulations, including those governing anti-money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions; the Group's policies and procedures; and the Group Code of Conduct. 
  • Effectively and collaboratively identify, escalate, mitigate and resolve risk and compliance matters 
  • Governance 
  • Ensure all collaterals are signed off by Legal & Compliance and all other relevant stakeholders 
  • Work closely with the CEPG unit to ensure that all approved materials are reviewed independently by the unit.

Regulatory & Business conduct 

  • Display exemplary conduct and live by the Group's Values and Code of Conduct. 
  • Take personal responsibility for embedding the highest standards of ethics, including regulatory and business conduct, across Standard Chartered Bank. This includes understanding and ensuring compliance with, in letter and spirit, all applicable laws, regulations, guidelines and the Group Code of Conduct. 
  • Effectively and collaboratively identify, escalate, mitigate and resolve risk, conduct and compliance matters 
  • Ensure the relevant regulatory bodies are notified before a promo-led campaign is rolled out 

Key Stakeholders 
* Retail Banking Segment 
* Global Sourcing 
* Retail Finance 
* Legal & Compliance 
* IT 
* Advertising agency 
* Media agency 
* Vendors and suppliers 
* Lagos State Lotteries Board 
* Consumer Protection Council 
* National Lottery and Regulatory Commission 

Other Responsibilities 
* Embed Here for good and Group's brand and values in Corporate Affairs and Brand & Marketing Team 
* Perform other responsibilities assigned under Group, Country, Business or Functional policies and procedures.


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